Vodafone Giant

I have a appalling story for PUK  It involves Vodafone who left me in London on my own unable to make a phone call because they cannot manage to transfer a number within a week of a new contract being taken out. I told them I would run this by PUK and they did not give a damn. Because of all this hassle after having 3 different phone numbers in a week.On Saturday i tried to call them they transferred me from pillar to post I was on the phone for I hour and 20 minutes. And I tried  again on Sunday. A assistant in a store on Saturday gave me a PAYG sim with £10.00 credit he was the only person whom tried to sort this out. When that ran out the porting team member I spoke to told me to use a pay phone, because I refused to pay for extra credit myself, even though it is entirely their fault. And today I arrange a call back from a manager in the porting department whilst on hold after 20 minutes the call was just cut from their end. I told them I am registered disabled with PD and would inform PUK about how I was being treated and i was told our systems are down yet again & I would have to wait And after I told them where to stick there contract they actually transfer my number can you believe it

no comments then well at least I won they settled with me on Monday.