Voice Amplification

My voice has become very weak and I often have trouble being understood. The Speech and Language Therapist lent me an amplifier which was OKish and also rather expensive. Now I need to buy something of my own. Does any one have experience - positive or otherwise of these devices? Can you recommend a particular model?

Thank you

Hi Higgins

Look on Amazon for the Eagle Waistband amplifer. You should be able to get one for around £25. They are OK, but not particularly sophisticated!

Has your speech therapist offered you LSVT therapy for your voice? If they don't offer it at your local NHS clinic you could look for a local private or NHS clinician on lsvtglobal.com

I provide this therapy in Bristol. It is intensive. 16 hours of therapy over 4 weeks with daily home practice, but has good results.



I found this voice amplifier as good as the Toby Churchill one lots of Speech Therapists use. Only thing is the speaker is a little heavy so careful attaching it to a pair of loose trousers!!