Voice Pattern Research

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I saw this report today:

Now I was only recently confirmed having PD but had seen ENT man for over a year previously with hoarse voice issues. He hadnt thought of PD as a possible cause but I dont think I'm unusual in voice changes being noticed before PD confirmed.

So could (should) this study be added to the main Tracking Parkinsons work?
It ought to be fairly easy for clinicians to take a voice sample while taking other samples.
sounds a good idea, no pun intended. only issue i can think of is it tends to vary directly with stress so you would have to make sure the person was in a situation equally stressful. then again being tested is probably quite stressful.
Hi AndrewJohn

Thanks very much for your post. We spotted that story on BBC news too and tweeted it earlier today.

I'll also pass on your thoughts about potentially incorporating taking 'voice samples' as part of the Tracking Parkinson's project.

It may be something we could do in a some cases and we are looking into different ways to expand the study to make it as useful as possible.

In fact, just last week we launched a new grant round on proteomics which links into Tracking Parkinson's:


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