Voluntary Redundancy


My employer might be offering me voluntary redundancy. I have been in the same job for 32 years and am now 50. If I take this and leave what are the chances of getting another job? My current job is very stressful and I am struggling each day.

Has anyone got any experiences they can share with me regarding applying for new employment after being diagnosed with PD? Did you have difficulty getting a job? What kind of employment would be best to apply for? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Can anybody share any experiences with Nocksy about employment and making decisions around whether to continue working?
Nocksy, sorry to hear that you're struggling. As well as talking to others here, if you'd like to talk this through with one of our helpline advisers we're on 0808 800 0303.

Good question!

What have others done? I am at a crossroads. Do i drop hours, change my job and lose money but may work longer? Or do I keep going earn the same amount, live financialy well - but maybe work for a shorter time? 

Too good to retire on ill health (and not a lot of money!), but suffering slowly in stressful job! 

Need to work for sanity and purpose, but should you stay or go?

Anyone stopped their current job and changed once diagnosed and had a successful post diagnosis career?




It's a big question that depends on so many different aspects several of which are hard to predict. It's hard enough even for people who don't have a progressive neurological condition in the mix. 

My situation has some common points with Nocksy. I'm 48 and have worked 27ish years for one employer. (several different jobs in that time). Since dx I have had lots of opportunities to apply for voluntary redundancy. I haven't pursued it because I feel like I still have something to contribute.

Its reasonable to adapt your work to fit your condition. This could mean something minor like flexing hours or location of work or something more fundamental like moving to a different role in the same organisation.

What aspect of the job are you struggling with? Is it a physical symptom? or fatigue or depression? can you adapt around them?

I have worked for 9 years since dx including job moves within the same large company. I too would love to hear of others experiences especially about the effectiveness of the equality legislation.