Volunteer for Parkinson’s

Just been on the volunteer’s for Parkinson’s part of Parkinson’s uk website, what a con this this is not aimed at people with Parkinson’s this is about people who don’t have Parkinson’s thinking they no what is good for people with Parkinson’s, if it was for people with Parkinson’s then it would be made with disability’s in mind but not one of these groups are so don’t make me laugh and make out that they are for people with Parkinson’s. also how many people have been to these Parkinson’s open days they have in there town we’re you can get so called advise from different stalls, but none offer you any and when you ask them what there about they look at you stupid and offer you a leaflet, I’ve been to a few and been left thinking well that was I wasn’t of my time.

Hi @Ken2468,

I’m really sorry you feel this way and we appreciate your feedback.

Volunteers are fundamental to Parkinson’s UK. Our community is made up of people with different connections to Parkinson’s, many having a diagnosis themselves, others being the friend or family member of someone with the condition and a valuable team who have no connection apart from their drive to make a difference for people affected by Parkinson’s. Whatever skills, motivation or experience a volunteer brings we are hugely appreciative and champion all that they do.

If you or anyone else ever wishes to share comments about working with a volunteer or becoming a volunteer we welcome feedback to be raised in the moment, or shared with [email protected]. Any reports will be investigated and responded to in an appropriate way.

We are proud of how we work with volunteers and thank them for all they do.

Best wishes.

Hi I volunteered with childline, until it became too difficult using the telephone on my shift.
I would love to volunteer for PDUK. I could support newly dx on telephone or video chat.

Hi @juju, :wave:

Thanks for expressing interest in volunteering, we’d be glad to have you onboard! :blue_heart:

If you head over to the ‘Volunteers’ section on the Parkinson’ UK website, you’ll find all the information you need on how to become a volunteer.

Best wishes,