Hello today I did another teaching session designed to help student doctors and Nurses it is very rewarding knowing I am helping these fine young men and women understand how difficult life can be living with PD but I find I am tiring quicker and finding it harder to push the words out. and by that I mean the muscles in my mouth and throat were aching trying to keep pace with brain also Dystonia was causing pain in my neck, does anyone else have this problem when talking.


Hi Fed

Never had symptoms like that in my life. I once heard that Bruce Lee's mind was so fast he could hardly talk.

Hence all the screaming he did perhaps (or mebbe it was Hong Kong Phooey).

A ventriloquist once told me the secret of keeping your mind in sync with your mouth was to say a gottle of geer twenty times whilst drinking a yard of ale.

Try the helpline they are always good with this sort of thing.

All the very best






           Hello Leyther,

                                  This often occurs when I try to pass on important information, the more important the more difficult, strange but true, but then all my sequential capability is b?????red up by parky so its hardly suprising reallycool

                                                Kindest Regards  FED