Volunteers needed for new study in London

Researchers at the University of Westminster are looking for people with and without Parkinson's to take part in an interesting new study looking at how people with Parkinson's process visual information.

Interested in participating?

This study needs 30 people with Parkinson's aged between 60 and 75 years old.

Researchers will use questionnaires and visual tests to see whether tasks involving time management, concentration and organisation are affected by changes in processing visual information in Parkinson’s.

The study does not involve taking any drugs and will only need one visit to the University of Westminster.

The study is funded by the University of Westminster.

The researchers are also looking for 30 people without any neurological condition aged 60 to 75 years for the comparison group.

Volunteers are needed as soon as possible so the closing date for this study is end of June.

What to do next

You can find more information about the study here: http://bit.ly/LeazX2

If you are interested in taking part, or wish to find out more information please contact the researcher directly:

Shahera Khatun
University of Westminster
Tel: 07818 169102
Email: [email protected]

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