Wahls Protocol

Has anyone tried to follow the Wahls Protocol?  It is a diet approach presented by an American doctor who got diagnosed with MS, took conventional treatment without success and decided to look into a nutritional way of approaching the disease. She suggests that the third phase of the protocol, the Wahls Paleo Plus, could benefit PD sufferers (this stage being a kind of ketogenic diet where one eats very little carbs, some proteins and some fats).

I've started it about 2 months ago mainly for the lupus, because MS is, like lupus, an autoimmune disease.  There are 2 other stages before getting to the Wahls Paleo Plus and I'm now at the second stage. So far I've noticed an improvement in energy levels and an improvement in mood (not jumping up and down with joy, you understand, but just the ability to smile again).

Im keen to go to the third stage, the ketogenic stage, in the hope that it will improve the PD symptoms, albeit that it could be years before the body heals itself with its help.

Has anyone tried it and if so, how did you find it? 

thank you.

Hi Purpletop, I was diagnosed a year ago and immediately changed my dirt to lo carb. I planned on trying full ketogenic first before trying medication. I'm still drugless buts its getting harder. Really need to prepare myself for the ketogenic thing, but its quit difficult.

I'm not sure I understand the low carb thing - what's the benefit?

When the Atkins diet was all the rage, there was a lot of concern about liver and kidney damage, so I'm quite wary of any high protein, low carb diets.