Waiting for Dat Scan?

Hi All, i have recently seen a Neurologist as i have been experiencing some symptoms of what looks like PD, The neurologist did  quite a few test on me which i failed, i have for the last ten months had a tremor on my left side both in my hand and leg, i am also waking at least three time a night to pass water, My hand writing has got really bad almost to the point where it is unreadable, i have also started to experience  really bad nightmares my balance isn't the best either. Does any one know if i would be able to ask for something to help with the tremor or have i got to wait for the Dat scan .


Many Thanks

Hi Rugby, I think it's different for everyone and their neurologist. I had scan before been put on meds months later. I was showing symptoms for a while before diagnosis. I have read on the forum of others getting meds first. Only thing with meds is it sometimes takes a while to get the right dosage and type for you. I'm sure someone else will have better advice on here.

Hi Rugby,

My meds started after the Dat scan provided the result. There were a number of months between initial possibility of Parkinson's & the scan result. Meds started at lower rate for initial weeks, increasing afterwards but not again since. There's lots of support out there. You appear to be Welsh based, if at Bridgend its been excellent. I was diagnosed 15 months ago. Locally, a brilliant Parkinson's Specialist Nurse; a recent PD Educational Course inc. appropriate exercise & only last week a GP referral to a specific PD exercise class at my local leisure centre. Good luck. 


Hi, Dai Bach

Thanks for the reply yes i am a welsh man now living in devon, i suffer from Bi polar and have  done for the past 4yrs , since last feb i have had a few symptoms of , what look like PD for example a really bad tremor down my left side when i am at rest , always tired , wake up to use the bathroom at least five times a night when i have had  my last drink at say 18.00 hrs ( i have not had alcohol for 5yrs.) .My spasms  in my sleep are so bad the wife has had to go into the spare room, i get really tired even after mowing the lawn, my hand writing has gone  awful and i cant even hold a cup without spilling some of it , the neurologist  said it could be PD but said i need a Datscan first what i need to know is are they always right ..

Many Thanks

P.S its good to hear from a fellow welsh man

Hi rugby,

Obviously I cannot diagnose you, but with what you have said, push for the Dat Scan. If you do have PD, the sooner you are on medication the better. Good luck!

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Morning, Dai Bach

Just had confirmation i have got my Datscan on the 22/ 3/ 17 in bristol, do you know anything about them , some people on here say they are not 100% ?


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HI , Could anyone tell me if there is a conection between BI-Polar and parkinsons please. i have bi-polar and i am waiting for a datscan .

Ive no reason to doubt the result. Howley has an impossible job as caretaker, knowing that Gatland will shortly return.


Hi All i had my Datscan on the 22/03/2017 still waiting for the result seen my neurologist today. and he is referring me to a movement consultant. can anyone out there explain what they do .

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Hi Rugby,

I was diagnosed by a neurologist,but I am under a movement disorder specialist,the neurologist covers many conditions, whereas the movement specialist is mainly parkinsons at least that's what i was told!

I certainly have no complaints in fact from reading many posts on the forum I think its better being under a movement specialist, 

Hope this information helps and you get your diagnosis quickly.

Cheers AnneD