Waiting for MRI results how long and what next

Hi, 8 weeks ago I had an MRI scan and some copper blood test. I have heard nothing from my Neurologist since. I have called his secretary 4 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago and was reassured that I would be written to but I still haven’t heard anything. The secretary did say that she could see that it said ‘Scan Normal’.

What should be happening next?

I understand Parkinson’s doesn’t appear on an MRi scan but ‘normal’ might mean other things like MS are ruled out?

Hope you hear soon, my scan tomorrow so very interested in the responses you get from people who go through this and wishing you all the best, normal should be a good outcome you’d hope, Mark

Thanks Kram1. Yes I hope you hear soon. The waiting is horrible. I understand Parkinson’s can’t be seen on a an MRI and it is used to eliminate other things. So I think normal means the other things like MS are ruled out. Perhaps I need a DaTscan next?

Hi. 2 years ago my GP told me that my MRI was normal and referred me to a neuro.
After 15 minutes and asking me to do some simple tasks the neuro said he thought that I had Parkinsons, and he was 75% certain. He told me that if my symptoms improved as a result of taking medication it would confirm his diagnosis. I pushed for a Datscan but by the time I had it, my condition had become apparent.
I would advise you to have someone to accompany you to the neuro as s/he tend not to sugar coat things.

Thanks for the reply @Hovis yes the first time I met the Neurologist he didn’t mince with his words, which I kind of liked. He asked me if I would take medication for the shaking. I said only if it gets worse and he said ’ it always gets worse’ which shocked me but like I said I appreciated the honesty.
He also spotted my right arm doesn’t swing which was a shock as I didn’t know but is so obvious now.

Anyway I would just like to know what is happening next now I have had my scan. I called PALS yesterday to ask them to find out what is happening next.