Waiting on Datscan result very depressed

I am 71, had my scan almost two weeks ago and when I rang consultants secretary she said results were back, I asked could I have them ASP as I don’t have another appointment until July. I have a chin tremor and when I saw Neurologist he said he wouldn’t diagnose me yet but he didn’t know any other condition that caused a chin tremor except Parkinson’s so he recommended a scan. The only other health problem I have is Atrial Fibrillation occasionally.

The urgency for the results are my daughter and her family want my husband and myself to move house to be near her, she has two children, 8 and 3. The plan is be buy her house and they would buy a 4 bedroom house about two minutes walk away. We have lived in our bungalow for 30 years but don’t have any family nearby. My husband is in agreement as he says if we leave it any longer we might not be able to do it then especially if it is PD. The house sold within two weeks, subject to contract, I was hoping it would take longer to sell, and I feel my life is being taken away from me!!

What do I do, is family more important than a house which I love? I am not really expecting an answer from you, I am just putting it all down in words how I feeI I just sit and cry every day!! Thanks for listening, with luck I should have my results next week, kind regards

Hi gemsmum
Sorry to hear your having a tough time!
I completely understand your anxiety living in limbo waiting for your results. I’m forty years and just been diagnosed too I’m struggling to get my head round it as you plan for the future thinking things like this wont happen to you … my husband wanted us to downsize to a smaller house also but with two children still living at home I’m reluctant to do so … yet ! Yes it’s a REALLY frustrating feeling like life has been taken out of your hands, choices being made which not had to think about before, but in grand scheme of it all it’s bricks and mortar, family support mentally and physically is what counts most, maybe your husband is worried he needs the extra support too ? Sorry to go on but what I’m trying to say is when your dealt with such a rough blow ( especially at my age) you look at what’s important in life … move to your daughters, take your memories with you and go make lots of new ones with your grandchildren … bricks and mortar won’t remember you ! Hope you make the right decision for you xx


Thank you Madwife for your reply it has certainly made me think what you said about bricks and mortar and of course you are right!! Also sorry you were diagnosed so young, best wishes to you and your family.

We, are all only here for the briefest of moments.
Enjoy every day as if there was no tomorrow.


I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 12years ago aged sixty. I had slight lack of movement in my left arm and restless leg syndrome!! I was put on medication straight away. In hindsight and after extensive research I would not have started the medication until my symptoms were much worse. I didn’t need them at that time. Sinemet side effects causes involuntary movement. If you have recently been diagnosed especially those that are much younger than sixty. My advice would be to research this disease as much as you can. Because your neurologist and nurse can only do so much. Also they aren’t living this illness and have no idea of what you are experiencing. In the twelve years I have had Parkinson’s there is no evidence of a cure in sight. In fact I don’t believe they want to find a cure for this or any other disease. The big pharmaceutical companies make billions of pounds of profits for theirselves and shareholders… my advice is to remain positive, excercise and supplement your medication with vitamins and minerals. A great book for guidance is STOP PARKIN AND START LIVING BY JOHN COLEMAN. Wishing you all a manageable life with this disease. Ray