Waiting times ti see a neurologist

I was diagnosed 3 months ago with a neurodegenerative condition with Parkinsonism. Via my liver consultants team.
Im now waiting for a referral to a local neurologist.
The NHS website sugests waiting times at the Royal Preston Hospital are about 30 weeks.

Can anyone else who has been recently diagnosed or is waiting give me an idea of how ling they had to wait please?
Is seven months usual??
I realise we are in “unusual” times!!! :roll_eyes:

I have just been referred to a Neurology - Parkinson/Movement Disorder clinic at a local hospital and am told that the waiting time is 40 weeks. Fortunately I have access to a Parkinson’s Nurse but it’s not a great situation to be in!


Here in the Midlands I was referred to a neurologist in April; appointment was for July but it was cancelled 5 times by the hospital and I finally saw the neurologist and got PD diagnosis at the end of September. I could have seen a neurologist privately much more quickly- a matter of weeks- but I figured the delay gave me more time to get used to the possibility. I focused on being as active as possible. Good luck.


Thank you both for your replies, I appreciate it. Not long after I posted this I saw the Parkinsons petition/letter to the Health Sec about waiting times - bleugh.

Its a long time to wait for a diagnosis and sooo frustrating to have the hospital cancel!

Discussions with my family are now around how necessary/helpful is a neurological assessment given I already have a diagnosis and I know that PD meds won’t work for me.
Im sure a full assessment would be useful. Will just have to wait and bother my GP in the meantime with any new symptoms.
Ive already used the PD helpline which has been a huge help, so praps I need to sign up to Alzheimers and or Demetia UK for help with neuro side of things.

Poor NHS.
Thank you again, good to get a bigger picture even if it is a bit bleak!