Wake up call

I had a wake up call today. For the first time in 3 months since starting regular medication I forgot to take my Azilect and Requip XL on waking. By 11:30am I was slow, shakey, stumbly and feeling dreadfulwith an internal fluttering tremor and hangover feeling. Then it dawned on me why and took my meds.I seemed worse than before I started meds so I'm wondering if the PD has progressed n 3 months now but it may be that I'd forgotten what I was like before and it came back as a shock as opposed to insidiously like when symptoms first present and give you time to gradually adjust. Impossible to tell really. Frightened me a bit though... there I was for the last few weeks at times forgetting I had PD and thinking I was a "new woman" and could fool this PD... got complacent I guess. Who's the fool now then? (Don't answer that! :wink:
I've done this a few times. If I have something important or urgent to do, I rush out to town to do it, and then I seem to be in the wrong place, people bump into me, the pavement is lumpier than usual, oh! no meds!:flushed:
That's the good think about this forum. I read about meds then say ooops and rush into the kitchen and take them. The latest I've been is midnight. I guess one day I'll forget!
Thanks for your answers folks. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one to miss my meds.
I suppose part of the 'no-meds' reaction could be due to drug withdrawal?