Wake up call

Hi all.

Don't really know what to say here as I'm not into social media whatsoever and tend to keep myself to myself. So I guess I'll just say a few things about myself and see where that takes me....

I'm a 43yr old male with a fantastic partner and an even better 5yr old son who have been there for me through the peaks and troughs of the early stages of this illness..

I have been diagnosed since March 2012 and it has taken me quite some time to come to terms with the fact that things are changing for me...

I have just returned to work after a 3 month absence due to changing medication and there it was.....the wake up call....you know ...the moment when you realise that you can't do some of the things that you took for granted....

I feel that this is a good time to stop before I go into a full blown rant about how work should be more understanding and the fact that I haven't made things easy for my family...etc.etc.


Hi Steve. Sounds like u have good support which is so important isn't it. Wish I had all the answers but sadly I don't as my journey is just beginning. I'm sure there must be many on the forum who can relate to how you feel and give some reassuring advice. Sue

Hi Sue.

You are spot on with the importance of support although it has taken me quite some time to realise this. 

the support from my family and friends has been invaluable..even my 5yr old son has been brilliant support, despite my moods.

CHi Steve


most important be positive!  I treat it a bit like a never ending battle. Most of the symptoms can be managed to some degree

I use use specific exercises , brain training games on iPad, joined a gospel choir and work on allotment 

future is in your hand if you take charge. PD is our enemy. Know your enemy. - learn as much as you can about it and be happy

always look on the bright side of life



Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum and to the Parkinson's UK community. This is the perfect place to share your thoughts and feelings with lovely and supportive people who understand what you're going through. I'm sure that, as LEXI255 said, others here have gone through a similar experience and can offer you some support and advice.

It does sound like you've had a rough time, so I just wanted to remind you that you can always ring our helpline on 0808 800 0303 (open 9am-7pm from Monday to Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturdays) for emotional support and guidance on any practical aspect of living with Parkinson's, including employment issues.

You might find some helpful information on this section: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/working-when-you-have-parkinsons There you'll find what level of support you should expect from you employer and plenty of other useful things, but please, don't hesitate to give our helpline a call to chat to our advisers about these issues or any other worries you may have.

Best wishes,
Moderation Team


Hi Mara

Thanks for the welcome. 

Over the past few months I have come to realise the importance of having support from professionals as well as family and friends. 

Whereas i am fortunate not to have suffered any physical difficulties so far, the neurological side is a different story. I have had issues with stress, anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, indecision, depression and compulsive gambling. But now with the help i have received and having returned to the gym I feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel......at long last.