Walk for parkinsons

Hello all just wanted to share with you that me and my daughters are doing the walk for parkinsons, to raise money to help with research for this horrid disease, not just for my husband but for you all too :slight_smile: stay safe x


Hi @Dawny81,

Thanks so much for sharing and for the support! We’re all rooting for you and your daughters.

Please do keep us posted - we’d love to know how it goes! Good luck! :smile:

Best wishes,
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Hi dawny81
Justed like to say hope your walk you may have done or not done yet goes well
And thank you for thinking of others
Big thank you
Keep safe spamgela

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Hello , The walks have been good so far, going and doing a mile aday…We r keeping it going for the month keeps gwtting us out the house so cant ask for anything better…Will keep you updated on what we raise :slight_smile: Thank u x

That’s so lovely, Dawny! Thank you for the update, and know that all of us here are rooting for you. You’re legends already to us!
With loads of cheers,
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