Walking Football

Did you used to play football? Thought your playing days were over?
How wrong you are, we’re looking to set up walking football hubs around the Uk… interested in giving it a try?? Get in touch


Would love to but 7 years after diagnosis will l have enough energy.any one got any experience?

Hi I have seen you post and wonder if you managed to develop anything since when first posted!
I started up a Walking Football club down in Devon about the same time as your post. This has now continued to develop and is called Charterlands United Walking Football Club. Have a look at the Facebook page. We are slowly continuing to develop and to assist I went through the FA and qualified to level 1 coach and trained to allow me to organise sessions under what they call Justplay. We have since also developed a group of players and formed a registered FA team and about to start playing in a league. Alongside this I also organise Justplay sessions every Thursday with the intention of attracting those seeking to return or start kicking a ball again (over 50yrs) whilst persons with health issues or seeking to socialise or lose weight are particularly invited. I do have one regular participant who has suffered with Parkinsons for 15 years. Initially he could hardly walk but has progressed with regular attendance to running, balancing, coordination, socialising and scoring goals! He says it has helped him immensely. The problem is he doesn’t like to tell the world and I equally have great difficulty convincing and attracting others. Any ideas? Give me an update as to how you got on.