Walking in Nature

Hi, this is my first time on the forum. I was dx last year at age 49 and experience all the usual symptoms, cramps, stiffness etc. I take Co-Beneldopa and they seem to help. However I get a dramatic reduction in my symptoms by walking in nature. I believe the calming effect of being in nature and the exercise help to stimulate my remaining dopamine cells and release the feel good hormones, endorphins, which help reduce my symptoms and slow down the progression of PD. In fact the longer I walk the better I feel, and the effect seems to last for several hours after walking, and even into the next day. While I walk I employ the practise of mindfulness (living in the moment) where my mind is focused only on what I am doing, for example, the scenery or my breathing, rather than any worries or problems, which is actually hard to do sometimes.

Peace to you all           

Good for you tree hugger. I too love the joy of walking. My biggest fear with regard to PD is the day I struggle to walk far. I have recently purchased walking poles. Haven't really road tested them yet but intend to soon.

it's amazing how many people are taken aback with the amount of mileage my wife and I cover. We met friends for lunch last week and it was a two and a half hour walk there. They arrived by car and wouldn't believe we'd walked.

I'm 68 and started my symptoms three years ago and walking makes me feel free.

Keep well,