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I have increasing problems with gait initiation especially around the house and in shops. I am fine out walking in the open. Do others have good ideas for getting the feet going after freezing (or stopping it happening) that are not suggested in the "help" leaflets.

Currently I am finding that holding one walking pole and mentally (if not actually) kicking it helps, but it gets a bit in the way when I am cooking!!

And the dog keeps eyeing it suspiciously . . .

Hi, try estimating how many steps it would take you to reach a certain point then step forward.

Or try this one which was developed on a long walk in an airport when very tired. Each time I stopped my wife would gently!!!!!!! kick my left heel to start me walking again.

After the bruising subsided!!! I found that if I brought my left heel back to touch my right foot I could take a step forward.

Also if you have a problem exiting lifts be ready to step forward as the door is actually opening.

Trust these help


              Hello Supa

                            I have found that playing powerful music with a distinctive loud beat seems to tune out the freezing, of  course thats in the house, it could be done when out walking by wearing ,. er . well a Walkman when walking,its something I have thought about but there are possible hazards for instance you wont be able to hear people warning you that a A380 Airbus is about to fall upon you, but as there is as much chance of winning the lottery and being struck by Lightning at exactly the same time as there is of a A3?????I WONDER WHAT THAT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,       Sorry being a bit silly there, but it does work and I always take my walking stick when outside it has saved me on many  occasions from serious falls, also I take wider than normal strides when walking, it does cause a little discomfort but the next day I feel stronger, No Gain without pain as they say,you could also cheat and buy a Mobility Scooter they are great fun, especially in the early hours when no one is about, I go out and zoom around the streets, it only does about 12- 14 mph but sitting so low it feels like 114mph great fun.

                                         Kindest Regards            Fed

Thank you both for your useful responses.

Carson - yes, lifts!! Have just been away on holiday, hotel lift was OK until there was somebody outside waiting to enter when I got out - I froze completely.  Then found, as you said, being ready to walk as the doors open, worked well. Also used the stairs a lot, all 7 flights of them!!!

Never did cope with the huge revolving hotel entrance door - have been to this hotel many times before and never envisaged a problem. First time I froze about half way around and the door behind me pushed me along, didn't quite fall over, nobody saw thank goodness!  Next time, I watched it carefully to get my pacing right, held my partners hand, froze again!  Gave up with that & used side entrance instead.  Enough embarrassments in the restaurant, self service style, freezing at counters etc without any more.  Just had to keep telling myself nobody knows me . . .  

And pulling a wheeley case - OK going in a straight line, but turning or slopping no chance.

Hey ho, more of a challenge than a holiday!

Fed - am thinking of trying a clip-on metronome to get a rhythmic beat going, the sort runners & swimmers use for pace training.  Don't think I could stand loud music all the time.  You sound as if you have great fun in your scooter, a real sense of freedom!!


Walking sticks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can get a fold up walking stick for your purse. These are usually made of metal can fit in a cars glove, briefcase, or a purse.

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I tried to keep pace with my MP3 player with songs that have a specific beat to keep me going. It works for me bu i must admit often i like to hold on to things like a supermarket trolley as it balances me better.


           Good afternoon Supa

                             I love flying around the streets on my gtscooter, its fun there are no other vehicles about I always recieve a tickng off, much safer than a ticking bomb, but who cares lifes too  short and rapidly  getting shortercool

                                                    Kind Regards  Fed


     Good morning  Maria 030660

                          On the very rare occasions I am asked by my beloved to wander the magic food maze I  too use the trolley as a means of supporting and stabilising myself,however  I still have problems with severe pain in my lower back  its so painful it brings tears to my eyes, also when we arrive at the checkout the bill is always two or three times normal as if I spot something that looks tasty or desirable ?, I just pop it in, the trolley as a result I do not have to repeat the process for some considerable time. I find this somewhat sneaky furtive method of avoiding the mile after mile of consumerism gone hyper,is also used by my more able bodied  mates which brings me to a question, how is it that when I do  need to shop  (rare) I go to the shop I know has the article I need buy it and come home,whereas Ladies see exactly what they are looking for in the first shop but  dont buy, instead they continue the trek among the bewildering displays ranging from ladies undies where I always feel uncomfortable, for numerous reasons, to telecoms three piece suites carpets and so on then return to the first shop they entered and purchase the vey same article they looked at first,,,odd, and frustrating.

                                I hope you are well and have a peaceful day

                                                    Fedcoolevilthis is me and my Bro, he cant find his car keys, I am looking straight at them  and doing the, cold  warmer hot, cooler routine, which agrivates him, we have been behaving this way since childhood, pathetic isnt it,,Oh goody he has found them.big grin



I know how you feel...lol. My son suggested to tie thrusters to my back like the one in the roadrunner, on the koyoties back. Luckily i am a controlled substance in the supermarket, being type 1 diabetic as well i had to control eating habits long time ago. I have the same pain in the lower back but i find that Ixprim does a good job and believe it or not the heat patches.


Ever considered shopping on line and have it delivered? Very decadent but saves you a fortune.


      Hello  Maria

                      The heat patches are effective and I  manage with Parrotseathemall, which is a universal pain  annihilator, and luckily the only pain relief I  can use, everthing else either makes me go GAH GAH  or Vomit so I stick with the Pmals.cool its sunny here whats it like your end, by the way is it Northern Ireland or Eire from which you belong.

                           Kindest Regards             Fed



Originally i belong to the Netherlands but ended up in Dublin 5 years ago which is Eire. Nice country to live in but the public health system very very bankrupt.


And you?


               Sorry for the delay, I think I have probably given you the area of uk I live elsewhere but its  Northumberland  the most northerly of uk counties,also the least populated.


Is that the part they make the nice sausages???  I have been reading about the Vikings invading the UK long time ago and Cumbria was actually a kingdom on its own. The guy who raided that part in the end came to a sticky end in a snakepit from a certain king.

But i am sure its more civilized today;)


Have a great day and keep smiling


Hello Maria

              The Viking King who ended his days in a  snakepit was Ragnar Lodbrok,he was a fearsome warrior married three times (thats enough to make anyone fearsome) and the equally brutal  King AElla of Northumberland was the eversonice mild mannered gentleman  NOT who  put him there  and yes both  Northumberland and Cumbria make very tasty susages'

                                   Its a fine day here today so we are going to the cafe on the beach at  Tynemouth                    Best wishes  FEDcool.                                          


Hi Fed,


Enjoy the day! Have a cuppa onme!