Walking strips

Readers with mobility problems my derive some benefit from an indoor walking aid that I have devised  and which I call 'Walking Strips'.

Take a length of ribbon  - say 6m,  and staple to it  at regular intervals small pieces of paper in a  contrasting colour . (I use blue ribbon and red pieces of paper but other combinations work equally well)

This interval is your Optimum Stride and you calculate this as  40% of your height ,   For instance my height is 6ft. 2ins. or 74 inches.   My Opitmum Stride is therefore 74 X 0.4 ins. which is  29.6 ins. (or .75m.).   Lay these strips in zones wheree you walk in the home such as  corridors and connecting rooms and when you walk along them you should notice an improvement.

You do not have to do anything specific to initiate this.  Your subconscious mind will take over and regulate your pace to fit the strips

It takes advantage of a phenomenon called Visual Cueing or Paradoxical Kinesia.  I have not come across any scientific explanation for this but it does work.