Walking to music


my local suppport group had attended meeting in nottingham that said playing music through iphone when walking helps your speed and ability

does anyone who is more iphone/music literate than me have any suggestions on albums that would be suitable ? i like any old and new music just need something with beat to walk to.


As an irreligious unbeliever I often plod along wih the marching tune version

pom  pom  pom   pom  At the name of Jesus / Every knee shall bow.......................


one of the perils of a methodist upbringing.


I like a bit of pom pom pom myself lol, i used too listen too my mp3 player(cant afford a i fone) whilst fishing, i put lots of varied music on mine from pop to rock too heavy metal too just about anything else including film theme's with a bit of pom pom pom in them lol.

Don't need an MP3 player. Just imagine the music in your head. A nice, rousing march should do the trick.