I Have problems with walking, any one got any experience I am Neupro patches 8MG and Mirapexin 3.3 mg and also stalevo.

Hi peter
Welcome to the forum. Sorry I cant help with your query but im sure someone will be along soon who can help.
Carrot :smile:
Sorry I can;t help either. I have dreadful trouble with walking. I can go up stairs but not along the flat and certainly not uphill. I thought those meds were supposed to help motor skills?
Hi Peter,

Yes, I've had problems with walking which, in my case, were related to the meds I was taking. Ropinerole (15mg max) / Seledgeline (10mg) were the culprits for me. I phased out the meds and my walking improved dramatically.

Prior to starting medication, my physical PD was confined to my right arm and speech. During medication it "spread" to my legs, or so I thought. Post medication, reverted to only right arm and speech, admittedly more severe.

Walking difficulties included:-
* Reduced stride;
* Slow pace;
* Tripping over the toe of my show (more prone to this on flat surfaces e.g. hospital corridor - strangely not troubled by cobbled street);
* Confusion - happened suddenly - it was if I'd forgotten how to walk, mid stride I had to work out the next move - particularly prone to this walking downstairs. It was as though the autopilot had kicked out and I had to grab the controls.

A year ago, I was persuaded to restart the meds, this time round Neupro (10mg). Funny writing that list, because some symptoms are returning; reduced stride , slow pace and tripping over the toe. I intend to reduce dose in 2mg stages and see if my current walking difficulties improve. Neuro appointment mid August, so will discuss with him/her.

I hasten to add, don't reduce meds without consulting your medics - it can lead to coma if not done properly.

Best wishes,