i had a weird experience the other day while out walking,my stride has got small and im slower but one thing concerned me that when i was walking down hill i felt i was going to quick and felt tipping forward and i really had to slow down has through i was putting the brakes on.im seeing a new gp tomorrow and i want to know if i need to mention this .
Hello Janine, I think that you should most certainly mention this to your new GP. The more information s/he has about you the better able s/he is to help you.
I too used to have a sensation of falling forward, especially when going downhill or downstairs. My GP said it was because I was panicing & was frightened I was going to topple down! I am unsure about this explanation
Plese Jan, do mention it.
Best wishes for your appt.
JANINE my dear girl, you most certainly SHOULD tell your new GP EVERYTHING...otherwise you might as well not bother going....Make a list tonight of everything that is bothering you and take it with you.

Let us know how you got on please

Radz xx
thank-you AB and Radar :smile:for your replies,i will certainly mention it now .
take care
Hi ,I am fine albeit slow at climbing up stairs but have real difficulty going down them same with hills or slopes.I have the sensation of falling forward.Also tremor very evident if I stop mid way :disappointed:
Although I don't have this problem (yet!) I use walking poles when I go out walking because they help me keep a rhythm and use my arms. You might find them helpful as the rhythm might keep your stride more regular. Only a thought!