Hi I am in my eleventh year of living with Parkinson's and i am 65.
As a couple my wife and I used to spend a lot of time walking,it was becoming very hard for me to maintain a decent speed with my wife having to wear extra clothing to keep warm due to the slowness of my steps.
All that has changed since I purchased a pair of NORDIC WALKING POLES.
Just £20 from the local outdoor pursuits store I would recommend them to
anyone with PD.

Cheers Mogwell
Hi Mogwell,

I took up Nordic walking three years ago upon dx, having googled to see what exercise would be beneficial and it is recommended for several neuro conditions such as PD and MS. The particular benefits for PWP's are exercising and the whole body, balance, lengthening the stride and giving the spine a workout as you naturally twist the spine (that might not be the right way to describe it) as you use each arm. I was lucky enough to come across an instructor locally straight off whose father has had PD for many years and who at that time hoped to start off a group specifically for PWP's but it never really took off - not of course that he can persuade his father to do it. He has also had no luck in interesting the NHS.

The poles enabled me to keep walking whilst I recovered from hip bursitis recently and I now find it quite odd to walk without them if I go out with other walking groups.

Happy walking
hiya mogwell,ive seen people with those poles and they look very good,ive also had pd for 11 years,but unfortunally i have also athritus of the spine,so i walk a little bit on two sticks other wise its the wheelchair for me now.walking is a very good way of exercising and i wish you the best to keep goin as long as you can:smile:i exersise in a different way ,i go to the local gym ,doin a one to one on certain things done on the nhs drs gym,i find it very good.keep goin mogwell:smile::smile: