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my mum was diagnosed with Parkinson's in December. She struggles using her dominant hand due to her tremor, clumsiness and stiffness. One of the things she finds difficult is paying for items and getting money or cards out of her wallet quickly enough- the pressure of the queue makes her symptoms worse. The zip where the coins are kept have a tendency to end up on the floor as the zip goes around the  corners and it isn't a very big compartment to easily pick coins from. I did buy her a concertina card holder with a push button but I could only find a cheap one and whilst helpful it has already broken. Plus when she gets cash back then she has to use both the card holder and her wallet which makes things doubly hard.

I would be really grateful if you could recommend a wallet which might help her - a trendy bright one would be even better!

I really look forward to your replies and help (website links would be great) as my research is not getting me very far!

Many thanks,





I Think we all the suffer the same in the same situation.

i take my mother shopping  I have the PD and she has the old age so its left for me too struggle to put the shopping up on the conveyor, but i try too put like with like so cold stuff goes with eventually cold bag ect in a order that makes sense to me to handle easier and put away easier when we get home.

luckily we now know most of the staff at the supermarket fairly well so, so they know my ways and they know I have pd I always made a point of telling them, so theres no hurrying me at least.

im not too sure about where too get a suitable wallet as most are generic pretty much the same cloth with a motive usually a sport one, you can get those for about 5 quid from sports direct, or  there are surfing shops dotted around the country they sell some, with snazzy ozzie esk names on them and designs but they'll cost  15 quid maybe, a shoe/leather shop might have some other designs that hold coins, another option might be amongst the P UK SHOP which is at the top of the page.

this one is located in ipswich might be worth your while looking? i have bought one from here.



Another place too look may be your local tk maxx though they might be £10+

I find it best in shops to give up on purse and wallet completely and go for either the sporty bum-bag on a strap round your waist or the sort of small bag people have for their passport when travelling that hangs round your neck and comes down to about waist level. Either give you both hands free for fumbling. Also coins get increasingly difficult and contactless on a card is so much easier when the shop will accept it.

I know exactly how your mother feels when under pressure at checkouts. I was diagnosed last spring. Since then I have changed how I keep money and cards.

I changed handbag to a simple structured one with a long handle I can wear across my body to keep my hands free. Soft floppy bags make things worse. My new bag has one easy to use top zip. Firm lining and a minimum of interior, structured compartments. I now keep bank notes in one easy to access zipped compartment.Bank cards in another. Loyalty cards are kept loose in one of those pockets meant for mobile phones.Loose change is in a small purse with a zip top. Loads of these available in the shops and if it has a distinctive colour/texture so much the better.

At busy checkouts I hand over a note larger than purchase and drop the change into a pocket or the bottom of my handbag to sort out later. If the shop is not too busy or on a good day I use the opportunity to pay with loose change and lighten my purse load.

I find I drop far less and the fumble is less obvious this way. Hope this helps


Hi, I use pencil cases. Paper chase have a good one with a chunky  zip and internal zip where I can put cards (link below) but I also use a standard chunky one with only one compartment for less coordinated days. Maybe it's just me, but I also find shallow bags with pale lining useful. I can't find things by feel so I need to be able to see them quickly and  pale lining and a bright purse (pencil case!) works well. Also (and I know they are very expensive unless you grab one in a sale) Kipling bags are great because the zips are chunky with round pull tags so easy to get into. Mine has light grey contrasting lining and is a shallow, chunky design (flat bags are too tricky).  I also have a purse with a wrist strap on the zip which is good if I'm going to keep it out of my bag for a bit and make up bags are also worth looking at. 

Of course I'm still working on the obvious - "I have Parkinson's, I'm a bit slow could you give me a minute" but maybe one day. 

J x


Hi I have recently been diagnosed with PD and know exactly what you mean regarding cards and cash handling. A friend recommended and i can now endorse this recommendation a fab credit card holder which literally holds the cards in a handy colourful protective hard case which you can open very easily and the cards stand out for easy use.The case is aluminium and protects from accidental scanning on contactless machines as well. Goggle 'credit card holder' to see what i mean, Amazon sell them and some handbag shops....i carry cash in small leather purse. I hope advice helps make our lives a bit easier.

nice sharing!!

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