Warning terrain

I chose the loud warning as it is the one Aviators fear more than any other,and of course to get your attention, I had a good day yesterday but the unfortunate
forgetful aspect of PD almost made me crash and burn, I missed my 1.30pm dopadose
by 1hr ,DOPE, so I quickly rectified things by Immediately taking my drug and thought I had escaped trouble,NOPE I had not, as about 1hr later I began to fail
now her lies the trap that PD induced forgetotakedrug can spring,In my panic I
used my regular countermeasure old backup ,soluble Madopar this rapidly gets to my
brain, whats left of it, and sorts things out, Normaly , not this time as poor old Fed completely overlooked, forgot mistimed call it what you will that I had
also taken my 4.30 DOPEamine, this oversight flooded my system with 312mg of
madopar in just over two hours, the effect was in short this combination made me
feel very ill, I was enjoying my day so much I was distracted and simply forgot
to remember my timing, it was a harsh lesson that I will not repeat,DOPE.
So please take care with your MEDS OR LIKE FED YOU COULD END UP,,ILL.
You thought I was going to use another word there! Fedex:flushed: