Was Parkinson’s Plus ever mentioned

Just wondering how regular is it for a consultant to suggest possible Parkinson’s Plus when people are diagnosed? Is it a common thing or were you diagnosed with Parkinson’s straight away?
We are 2 years post diagnosis of Parkinson’s or Parkinson’s Plus - still trying to do research on why atypical Parkinson’s was suggested to start with.
Thanks, Rach

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It was mentioned with me. It’s quite hard to tell them apart early on and there are no tests that differentiate Parkinsons plus from parkinsons disease except to see how it progresses over time. I think it would be normal to mention it as a possibility. If it’s worrying you then I would suggest you make contact with your neurologist via their secretary and ask them about it.

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Good morning RachRob … I too was diagnosed with Atypical Parkinson’s with [Parkinson’s Plus] in brackets. Clearly this is because the Parkinson’s I have is not obvious yet. I do not have the “Parkinson’s Disease” that is easily recognisable with the terrible tremors. My Datscan was positive for Parkinson’s.

My Neurologist said that my Parkinson’s was a type that did not respond to medication & although Madopar & Ropinirole were briefly tried they made no difference to my symptoms. Then he left & my Parkinson’s nurse put me on Sinemet [Co-careldopa]. I have been very pleased with this drug & I feel much improved. Certainly a drug worth trying.

My symptoms are freezing when I stand still for a couple of minutes. Also body fatigue. I have a slight tremor that I can’t see. I cannot walk very far.

I also have confirmed Neuropathy which has Parkinson’s like symptoms, which confuses things in my opinion.

Best wishes

I was diagnosed with parkinson’s. On researching the parkinson’s plus tgere are a few conditions that they could be that have additional symptoms. I’m guessing you can’t ask the neurologist?