Water fear

Since my parkinsonism diagnosis I have had a number of weird issues
Things that I have never seen as aspects of parkinsonism.
I would like to ask you all if any of the following have happened to you.

Virtually since I was born I could swim like a fish. Championship standard. Suddenly I can hardly swim. Its like I have forgotten how to.
Water, which was like a second home to me has become the enemy. Even in the shower I hate water on my face…
Goggles help me a little bit
Has anybody else experienced this?

I have had the same experience of forgetting how to swim, though hardly surprising since at one point I’d also forgotten how to get out of a chair. Once I was on medication (Madopar) I got myself swimming again by going to a spa which had a small pool with an even depth. It didn’t take long to get my coordination back.

I have not had your experience of disliking water, but in the last year I’ve found I need to turn the thermostat down in the shower because I’m less tolerant of hot water.

Thanks Jane.
It’s interesting about the swimming thing. I thought that it was just me.
The chair thing was something I was getting to.sometimes it takes me a few attempts to get up. Like my brain isn’t telling my legs what to do