We are the walking wounded

"And then they came, the walking wounded,

Straggling the road like convicts loosely chained..."

From "Walking Wounded" by Vernon Scannell


It is inevitable that we become one of the walking wounded during our lives; it is our natural state. We all carry our wounds around with us and wear our bandages to shield our eyes from that which is most natural in us. We walk onto the cleared aftermath of our battles with the purpose of finding the balm to sooth us. We can allow ourselves to see it is too early and too late because the battle itself is the balm and we must await the next skirmish to heal our latest hurt…

But we can choose to resist fighting our future battles in the present by allowing the hurt just to be; by not engaging with it and living beside it; this will heal our emotional wounds without paying the price of wounding ourselves further.

Our wounds can fester and cause us further damage or we can see through and beyond them to heal ourselves...

dr jonny