We need your help to tell your story

The Parkinson’s UK Media team are looking for people who are happy to share their stories with the media in the lead up and during Parkinson’s Awareness Week from 18-24th April.

Over the last year we’ve been hearing from people with Parkinson’s that telling loved ones, friends and colleagues for the first time about their diagnosis can be one of the hardest moments.

Had you bottled it up for a while and was a relief to finally tell people? Or perhaps you’re a loved one, and you know it was a real struggle for someone to share their diagnosis with you.

Whatever your experience, if you would like to share your story with someone in our media team, and find out a bit more about what we’re planning for Parkinson’s Awareness Week, please get in touch with us by calling 0207 963 3945 or emailing [email protected].


Joe Groszewski
Parkinson’s UK Media Team