Weak bladder

Hi this is as really difficult question for me to ask but does anyone else suffer problems with a weak bladder, been diagnosed with PD for over a year now but recently find that I am having trouble controlling my bladder I know this can be a problem with PD but has anyone else suffered and if so is there anything that can be done to help this. Im getting really worried about this as I dread this happening if I am at work the embarassment would be unbearable and it is even making me think of giving up working.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

hello, i have had this poblem for years,and i recently went private and saw a consultant who diagnosed an overactive bladder associated with pd.for years i was diagnosed for prostate enlargement and all the rest of it,anyway he presribed vesicare and after a month i have improved by more than 50 per cent,this drug for me has proven to be very beneficial,and i am sure glad i didn't have surgey years ago,as recommended.you must try it and i hope it is a success.
hello waggle - just wondered if you had thought of having a go at pelvic floor exercises - although they are excellent for treating stress incontinence they might help you too. If you private message me I can give you details of a brilliant DVD I got which is a set of easy pf exercises - don't thinks its allowed to advertise on the forum. Best wishes Sue xx
This is link to a very informative booklet

My stress incontinece has turned into a more general problem, and have been referred to the urogynae uit who are brilliant and I'm having tests. THere are 2 types of urine incontinece apparently - one cured with a tablet and the other needs minor surgery. so dont suffer. I'll report back after my June tests.
Hi Waggle and all,
As this subject has been raised i feel brave enough to mention my bladder probs.
May 09 visible blood in urine

Refered to Urologist and underwent all tests

Ultra sound,x-ray clear in June

Cystoscopy camera proceedure into bladder in June to check for cancer.

In agony following proceedure which i feel went wrong.Bleeding following which went off.One week later Weeing pure blood and back to docs.The reult of the cystoscopy Negative or okay.

Soon after rushed to hospital in agony in bladder,pain on passing urine,plus frequency(non of these evident before proceedure)
Tests done nothing showed up.

Sent for scan result inconclusive, booked for op

Op cancelled,deemed not necessary

Put on concoction off pills,Tramadol,co codamol,Diclofenic,anti biotics,ones for possible prostrate problems.

Went back to hospital by Ambulance further 2 times,nothing found.Panic attack because of meds.Came off the lot.

November 09 had scan to check for blockage

Diagnosed with PARKINSONS in November

Saw urologist February 2010 result of scan clear.

Mentioned to him about Parkinsons diagnosis.He said"that's what the problem is then".

I'm still in pain,can't bear pressure of seatbelt on bladder,wear loose fitting tracksuit bottoms most of the time,and flare ups of Bladder/urination pain etc.

Seeing the Urologist again in 6 months with no answers apart from switching the whole lot onto Parkinsons.Have also had bowel proceedure for associated pain probs there,also coming back negative.
Just thought i'd get that off my chest as its been a really worrying time.

I'd imagine there are many out there who have gone through similar,but its so frustrating.
All the best
Hi waggle
I too like Myway was prescribed Vesicare (5mg) for my bladder problem (2years ago) Within a week I was back to normal and so far it's still working. There is also a 10mg tablet available if the 5mg dosn't work. There is a help line who provide advice. Hope this helps.
I went through all this to a lesser extent and to cut a long story short...

I discovered that sinemet residue in pee plus quantity of chlorine bleach left in pan after cleaning = bright red pee in toilet bowl giving appearance of having peed blood. Discoloraation of pee is a known bye product of sinemet but I think mine was a bit more dramatic than expected.

The consultant was rather pleased with me for finding something he didn't know ...he had confirmed the possibility of what I had suggested (whilst I did another sample) by....looking it up on the net!

However I still keep a watchful eye as I have had cystitis quite frequently in the past. Bladder control varies but seems unrelated to the bright red episodes.
I had bladder pain but not incontinence; in fact the opposite - if the sinemet was 'off' the bladder muscles wouldn't relax so I had to hang on with cystitis-type pain till the next tablet worked. After tests proved negative and the doctor didn't know what to try next, I came across the following PDS publications and they sort of explained what was going on. I downloaded them and asked the neurologist and doctor if it was possible this was the cause. Both agreed so after upping the dose slightly all was well. They were:
'Pain in Parkinsons' by Dr KR Chaudhuri
'Non Motor Symptoms in Parkinsons'
'Non Motor Symptoms Questionnaire'.

Hope these help you.
hiya, I agree with suwils - exercises can make quite a difference. I had problems and started doing pelvic floor exercises each morning before getting out of bed. I've been doing them for a couple of months now and things are much improved now. My neuro offered me drugs to control this but the improvement is so good I don't need them.
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Hello Titan
I read your post with great interest. I have had Parkinson’s for 9 years now and up until recently it’s been well controlled.
But, for over a year now I have been under the care of a consultant urologist for bladder pain. No evidence has been found for any physical problem, scans of everything all,clear, and I’ve had all sorts of drugs - antibiotics, weak bladder drugs, increasingly strong pain killers (now morphine!) to no avail.
Meanwhile the pain has become increasingly bad and on one occasion resulted in a trip to A&E. Sleep became a forgotten luxury.
The intensity of the pain now ebbs and flows with the level of dopamine in my body, and because of the pain and sleep deprivation my off periods are pretty much running into each other.
Situation as at today is better. Calling 111 yesterday resulted in a prescription for liquid morphine. For the first time in a long time I actually slept after taking the morphine at bedtime. The pain is still there, but more manageable, and my off periods are also, so far, shorter and manageable. This is clearly not a solution, can’t take morphine forever, but today there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
Everyone’s experience will be different, but any thoughts or observations, or your own experience, will be appreciated.
Thank you for reading my ramblings.