Did anyone have weakness - in arm and leg (one side) as an early symptom?


Weakness in my right hand was the reason I went to see my GP.  He did a couple of physical tests which appeared to indicate nothing serious. He sent me to a neuro just in case.  I was going to skip the neuro appointment but decided to go after a tremor appeared in my right hand after a hard workout.  Turns out I had PD.  Hope you don't have the same experience.  Best of luck


Hi Lloyd

I had weakness in both my arms and hands at an early stage, a bit more prominent on the left side, arm and leg. Could'nt open a bag of crisps even, nor open a tin with can opener because of weakness in gripping. But medication helped with that but not totally, I still have problems.



I have weakness in both my legs and arms(with pain) and it seems the same as shefinn in my hands, i used too be a strong bloke i feel weak as a lamb these days with fatigue added too it, my gp says the sinemet will 'loosen me up' as i walk quite badly, no word on the weakness though.

Hi Lloyd how are you doing ? I was diagnosed two months ago similar age to you - 45 . I have had weakness down right side for some time . I'm right handed . This side gets stiff and cold and then movement in fingers worse . I find a hot bath really helps me . I also asked to be referred for physio pretty much straight away and have been twice now . It's neuro physio . She has referred me for hydrotherapy and only three week wait so I'm looking forward to that . I really want to strengthen these muscles . I am also still working full time . I read about the conductive education terrific talked about on another thread and it looked really good . It seems to be something that has been done for children in particular tho and not readily available to adults nationally . You are lucky if you live in the midlands . I have problems writing . It would help that . I have been referred to kings so will ask them about it too . The physio has given me lots of exercises . She has also mentioned me seeing a sports therapist to discuss use of equipment and what may be best for me . Ask to be referred to a neuro physio . How's the azilect going ? I am just on that too - some benefit . 

Hi Lloyd

Weakness, yep. It felt like I couldn't work outhow to do things. i tried to get a ticket into a ticket barrier, and I felt like I couldn't work out the command for push. Anything that required coordination of both hands was dificult - putting shopping into bags, letters into envelopes.

drugs have helped for the last two years.

Best wishes


Thank you all for taking the time respond> Very interesting and, in a lot of ways, reassuring. 

In response to your various comments:

WPGchap - funilly enough I first noticed my tremor - which was more of a shake, if you know what mean - after a session at the gym (which I was prompted to do after a few months' gym avoidance because I was feeling so stiff) That was about a year ago.

Sheffy - good to hear your meds are doing the trick

SEa Angler - Interesting. One of my first symptoms was lack of energy when jogging. MY limp _ kind of foot drop/drag - has become noticeably worse over the past few months. By the way, that's a real monster you're holding - did you ctach it yourself or rent it for the pic?!

Maddison - Stiff fingers? me too. IN fact I now type one handed. Azilect seems to have had no noticeable impact on me, I'm afraid. SEeing the head f**k dr in DEcember - will ask for the hard stuff!

Semele - I've always found ticket machines mind-blowing, so don't worry about that! 

Thanks again and kindest regards to all


Weakness, certainly, when the pills (sinemet) are not (yet ) working. It is so strange that from one moment to the next you switch from deeply disabled and weak(extreme difficulty doing anything at all, except sitting waiting till the pills click in) to quite normal strength. It is wonderful that relief is possible , without levodopa it must have been hell. Some people do not react well to levodopa and do not get much benefit from it,which makes me feel deeply sad, but for most it gives them a period of reasonable quality of life.

Azilect did nothing for me either. If you decide to go on levodopa medication take the minimum required to give you relief from symptoms and only increase the dose if necessary, like they say: "go low, go slow......"



I'd had a tremor for yr's but always dismissed it as just being that, but i first knew something was Wrong when i was out walking, i used too walk miles at a pace, but a 10 min walk was takeing me over a hour.

And yes i caught it and returned it for another day, it's a tiddler by modern carp standards.