Wearing off

I have been suffering with abdominal pain for nearly a year now… I have had scans blood tests and the next investigation is an endoscopy!! Could I be suffering with “Wearing off” if this is the case do I need to speak to my Parkinson’s nurse?

Hi @Miffy53 and welcome to our forum. An endoscopy isn’t something anyone looks forward to, but it’s a great way to see what’s going on and take away all the guesswork. I hope you’ve had time to ask about it, find out what will happen, and get some solid answers.

I’d definitely advise you to talk to your Parkinson’s nurse and voice your concerns about this. We have some great info on our site about ‘wearing off’.

Don’t forget you can always call our helpline for advice and support on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,
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