Weather Temperature

Does anyone else find that they have more " Off Days " when their medication dont work so good when we have a Hot day during the Summer or a freezing cold day in the winter ???
yes my husband does if is hot it takes any reserves he has left . If he happens to get cold he takes ages to warm up again or keep going . Cant win can you .
I can relate to the cold weather but I find I feel better when it's hotter, I've always been like that though even before dx.
Me too, the heat relaxes me , so helps with the aches and stiffness
Hot says are better for me, that's why I live in the south of France :laughing::laughing: . 31c today. slight westerly breeze and wall to wall sunshine! jealous?

You lucky thing Spam. :smile:
its the cold that get to me as well ,thank god for central heating , you younger ones have never known it without ...give me the summer and its warmth .
hahaha Spam, I rotate between coastal Oregon and coastal Chile now that I'm semi retired. This month I'm stuck in hot Southern Ca due to work and I feel rotten. The heat is something I flee from...
strange how we all vary. I do better in the warm weather. The cold makes my PD worse?
I feel the cold so much more now than ever before so am glad when summer arrives, but then find hot days very draining and my energy levels run out much quicker. Having said that I love to feel the heat warming the old bones!!

Hammer, what;s it like in Chile, I've been to Oregon. nice but cold!
I agree the warmer it is the better I feel. I go on holiday to Turkey sailing most years and find I can do most of the rope work etc, at home in the cold i find simple things like hanging washing out difficult.

Big C (Chris)