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I've probably put this in the wrong place  (apologies) but is it just me being dozy or has the website layout changed?

I've been using a laptop for a while as my ancient iPad finally gave up the ghost but have now got a replacement (courtesy of a teenage relative who was upgrading :-). I am hugely relieved  at not having to do battle with a physical keyboard anymore however I now find that I can't locate anything on the P UK website. It's utterly frustrating. Among other things, I can't  find a quick way of accessing  the forum. There may well be an obvious link - but I can't see it. Do I just need new glasses (always possible) or have things moved around?

Thank you. J :-)



Hi Jackson,

There have been some changes to the site, sorry you're finding it confusing.

You will find a link to the forum on the Parkinson's UK home page: It is titled 'Online Community' on the black menu across the top of the page. This will take you to: From there you can navigate to the forum at: You may find it useful to bookmark the forum link for future use. 

There is also an extensive help forum here: that should help you with posting etc. until you get used to the layout. 

Best wishes,


Moderation Team

Thank you. Found it. This is probably a dumb question, but bearing in mind that navigating around websites, selecting multiple menus and bookmarking can be tricky if you have PD, why wasn't the link just left where people could see it and access it easily? Anybody who is not confident with IT or anybody having a bad day may well lose the will before getting to the forum ,:-/ (or could you at least put the link in the drop down menu?) Just curious. Thanks again J

I agree Jackson.

Newbies in particular must be giving up....I keep asking why " Forum" can't appear on the main menu..but no one ever answers.

It seems so simple to solve...


I love the quotation :-).  

I have finally spotted the tiny blue arrows in the corner of each section heading which drop down to the menus that I've been looking for -yeah. And even better, I have belatedly  discovered that I can click anywhere in that bar, I don't have to aim for the tiny blue arrow. So apart from still thinking that the drop down menu should have a link to the forum  (as you suggest) I am growing to like the new layout. I am, however, still slightly amazed that people designing a web site for users with a profile that suggests many will not have the sharpest eyesight would not just put a large blue arrow in the middle of the bar, that way, people will see it and won't waste time trying to line the cursor up with a small blue dot before realising that they don't need to. Or maybe that's just me :-/

Yes  - there are enough truly complicated 'things' out there; why make the simple tricky?   J x