Weight loss and Mirapexin

Hi I have been on Mirapexin now for 6 months and although before this time I was losing weight through slimming world, I now find that I am losing weight despite not trying. I don't seem to have an appetite but when I do eat I am trying to eat fatty or carbohydrates but still not putting on any weight. Any advice would be grateful, I am seeing my consultant end of the month but when I spoke to him in October he didn't seem concerned.


Weight Loss on PD drugs is quite common I was dx at 47 weighing 12.7 stone granted at 5 foot 6 I was overweight but within 6 months went to 10 stone of course everyone would comment with get me some of your drugs but they don't want the s*** that comes with them do they.I was told in no uncertain terms when I last saw my specialist not to loose anymore but as I said to him I have managed to put back on 7 pounds  through eating 5 meals per day. I eat a combination of healthy and unhealthy meals to balance it out. My advice is the same to you we need to keep up our fat reserves as they help manage out drugs in our systems. Don't skimp on the chips ( I eat real old fashioned ones ) cooked in oil not lard ( yuck ).

What did you weigh at dx and what are you now?




I have been prescribed protein drinks for my weight loss.  Which seem to be working quite well as I did loose my appetite since being diagnosed with Parkinsons.  I went down to 7stone and am 5'4" so was quite thin.I was always around 9 stone before.   I have seen a diatician  who has told me to eat high fat food use butter and cream and high fat milk. I take Pramipexole 1.05 and Mirtazapine 15 mg.  The drinks aren't too bad a bit thick but I just have a sip here and there during the day which seems to work. My weight now is 8 stone seem to hover around 8 most of the time now. Might be worth mentioning these drinks when you go to see your consultant. Regards Sugarplum



Thanks for your comments much appreciated, I was 11st 10 and 5' 6" in August 2014 overweight to say the least. I started slimming world and wanted to get down to 9st 10 my ideal weight, I did this by June of last year but since then I have lost another stone without dieting and starting to look too thin and family nagging me to eat more but without an appetite it's hard. 

Hi annepan

    The one thing Iv found helps me keep my weight stable is Moche frapes from mc Donald's , I can drink them even when I feel queezy in the mornings and they tend to settle my stomach and leave my mouth clean if that makes sense , trouble is though I have to travel 6 miles to get them so that's a pain in its self.

Im male 5'9" n now weigh 10 st 4 though I did go down to 9st 2 which was not so good.

  Live well.  Cc

Hi Annepan,

I totally understand this might help try to get your favourite foods in and don't make a big meal little and often is the best way.

Hope this helps.


I am seeking advice because I can't seem to stop losing weight, despite eating high fat food and taking calogen, a dense strawberry sought of milk shake. At Christmas 2016 I was 12st 5lbs. I now weigh 10st 6lbs. I have had Parkinsons for 17 yrs. My medication has been pretty much the same over a number of years.  1selegiline 1.25 mg. - 6 simemet plus 25 mg/100mg . Amantadine 100mgx 3. Ripinerole 8 mg 3 times a day. Has anyone experienced this problem taking similar amounts of these drugs. a ct scan did not highlight any other health problems. any comments would be helpful.


I have the exact opposite problem!  I was a dress size  12/14 when diagnosed in 2010, and now I am trying hard not to go from a 20 to 22. My weight now is 85 kgs and although I keep trying to convince myself the gain rate is slowing, I am still packing it on.  I'm taking 16mg ropinirole and 4 sinemet plus a day. My neuro says not to diet, it will be good to have the reserves later, but I have problems with dystonia in my feet and I am sure my mobility generally would be easier if I were not so heavy. I thought it was the drugs causing the problem but some of you are on the same drugs.

Hello chuck yes i had this problem pre dbs surgery you need to be referred to a dietician your gp can do this. They can prescribe high calorie milk shake drinks that are effective. I went from diagnoses a 12.5 stone 4 years later march 2017 i weighed 8 stone 2 now post op my weight had normalised a 10 stone 2. Foods that helped were chips and curry sauce and crisps and sweets mainly wine gums and fruit pastilles and eating at bed time.

Good luck BBxx

Thanks to all who contributed.  I take 4x4 ropinirole, 5 sinemet plus and 1selegilene daily.  I so not use Appomorphine pens preferring touse a walking frame duriing  the bad periods.  I do however  control my  drug intake by using alarms on my phone.

I am now 10st 4lbs and have just finished  a  round of private tests including CT scans  but no explanation.

H0w does the taking of meds separate from meals help.   should I be taking Levodopa sepeerate frm   my food. I am complying with all of the above suggestsed diet suggestions except the little and often.Is this found to be helpful?