Weight loss

Since being diagnosed with ParkinsonN I have lost a lot of weight I went down to 61/2 stone from ten stone although Ian now 7 stonr. Is this normal

Hi it has been mentioned somewhere in the past. Also some have experienced weight gain. I dropped from just over 16 stone to just under 13 stone, but since DBS have crept back up to 13 1/2 stone.

Thus shaking etc must burn calories, so if you get a bad day of shaking it means you can eat more cake…

Pre DBS I often didn’t feel very hungry combined with better discipline not eating between meals to give the pills a better chance to work is my experience of weight loss. Post DBS pill intake cut by 80%, now eating between meals again but nowhere near as much.

Regards, Tractorman.

Thanks for that it’s good for you that you were able to cut down on your medication. I Also had DBS but had to continue with the same medication.so I still have to watch what eatt I can’t have too much protein because it blocks my tablets but i always eat when I’m hungry because I don’t want to look iike stick insect