Weighted blankets

My mum is 82 and has parkinsons. She wakes up early in the morning and I wondered if a weighted blanket would help her sleep longer. Does anyone have experience with weighted blankets?

I don’t have experience with weighted blankets, but I do experience early waking. I’m 66 with Parkinson’s.

I usually wake up at least once or twice during the night, and then have difficulty getting back to sleep. Some Parkinson’s sufferers have difficulty turning at night, due to stiff muscles. My neurologist has offered me a slow release levodopa to take at night to get over that problem, but so far I have refused because my sleeping problems are not primarily because of stiff muscles; that can be a factor, but I don’t experience great difficulty turning.

Other factors seem to be temperature. I get too hot and sweat a lot, which can also cause itching. I have aches and pains. Sometimes the reason I have woken isn’t at all clear.

To help your mother, I think you need to try to find out what is causing her disturbed sleep. If I’m too hot and sweaty I sometimes get up and sponge myself down with a damp flannel, and drink a large glass of water. If I have aches and pains I take paracetemol. If I’m cold, or have muscle cramps, I get a heat pad, and put on bed socks and a cardigan. I would not like a heavy blanket because it would just add to my problems, but it might be the right thing for your mother.