Welcome back

I would like to say that I feel more at home on the website now that Ray of Sunshine has returned.

I came back a few weeks ago but am finding the new setup a wee bitty strange.

We need to keep stalwarts of the site and not be so quick to judge one another.

Ray's point about consultants and their real ability to empathise is very salient.

As a group we need to mutually tolerate one another, in my view nobody else truly understands.

Welcome back.

"Nobody else truly understands."  I suspect you are right, mrs.t.

Before I married, I thought I knew what it would feel like to be a wife.  I didn't.  Before I had any children, I thought I knew how I would behave as a parent.  I didn't.  Before I had PD, I tried to imagine what a physical disability would be in my life.  I couldn't.

Even when we have good intentions and feel compassion, we cannot fully understand a situation until we are in it ourselves.  That is one reason this and other forums are invaluable.