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Brilliant, thanks.

The more the merrier, I think.

We, the still fairly active PwPs, are the ones who CAN change attitudes, as P.D. is often not noticed until the symptoms are so obvious that  they are frightening!

The more people understand, the more they will go with us I hope. I've had great support from people I meet publicly, when I talk about the books. They say "Do you know someone with Parkinson's, then?" My symptoms are still quite minor. When I say " Yes. Me", I can see them "re-calibrating" as their attitude towards "People with Parkinson's" changes!

I had to stop my own father talking about someone with PD as a "poor old thing"! What??? He hadn't even realised the negative attitude that simple statement conveyed.


Hi sparkyparky

Just watched your lovely video with your grandson, and it brought a little tear to my eyes, it's so heartwarming. My daughter is expecting her first child and I hope I'm well enough to help out as we do. My sons boys grew up with me and I helped them and looked after them while their parents went to work and I did enjoy it. But it will be different now because of parkinsons, but I will try and do as much as I can when I can.

Thankyou for your inspiration


Sparky parky is a close friend of mine and a fab person we went to two schools in Lincoln to read her books and being childless I was shaking inspire of my pd through fear she saw that and helped me through it all and the kids were great xx

big grin