Welcome to our club

Welcome to our new members,

jopacliff, Sylvan1983, Chet246, Ishah, Justin Rose

Although i am sure none of us actually want to be members of the PD club, i still just wanted to say hello & welcome. We all do what we can to help each other out as well as learning ourselves. I hope you all get what you need from this forum and if not please just ask.

Kindest Regards BB. 

Betty Blue is so generous, not only with her time but also her empathy, problem-solving and "networking".

She has supported me personally when things were going badly for me, introduced another recently diagnosed member from my area to our local branch and to members of a similar age and interests, given hope without the hype to forum users - and generally been a "force for good".

Thank you for your help and friendship. Got a Big Birthday coming up .... 

Fight on, Betty Blue.



Is a true inspiration,  thanks for the chat earlier in the week.  

both of you are very special ladies and sparkyparky what a fab picture xx


I think it's one of the positive aspects to come from having Parkinsons, I have had the pleasure of making really good friends with people who really understand.

Sparkyparky, I remember reading your article in the Daily Mail, you too are inspiring, and having recently become a grandmother myself, I will be buying you're  'Does it hurt Granny' book very soon.




I have just looked  at your books, what  a great idea  might just do the buy and donate to the local primary school 



i like the new picture bethankit xx

I have changed picture again,  this one is my hometown  happy  memories x

I hope to see it for real one day xx

It's all true what people write - you are a big inspiration to us all and talk sense which is essential to we "club members". 

As you say, whilst we would rather not be "members", support, kindness and advice all help

Well done bettyblue!

Lovely place to go for a holiday X 

big grin

Yes, I love this picture.

This video, love and laughter, is now my ring tone.

Take a look - and a listen.



Thanks, Ali.

I go into schools now and talk about the things we CAN do. Trying to change attitudes whilst I still can.

Often,  children say " hasn't anyone found a cure yet? Don't worry, miss. When I grow up, I'm going to find a cure for you".

It chokes me up.

Did you see https://hubbub.net/p/illdoitgranny/ with the video?

I'm not crowd funding any more. I didn't get all the pledges :-( but the video is beautiful. 

Thanks, Bethankit

You might enjoy going in to school and reading the books and talking to the children.

They are so sensitive and interested. We CAN change attitudes.

The latest crazy thing - Nordic Walking.


- oh, and PD Warrior. Take a look at their website - so energising and strong.

It all helps in the fight against this nasty thing we picked up on our way through life!

I'm not going down without a fight!

good on you sparkyparky xx

Hi sparkyparky, I ordered my book today.  Esmé is 4 months old now and I'm sure the book will be well used.  You're video is beautiful....when I knew I was going to be a granny I was terrified I would 'fail' my grandchild..I.e feeding, winding, changing, rocking, walking up and down cradling.  I've done it all, and mty son and daughter in law trust me completely.  

I left my job in July 2011 when I was diagnosed due to dexterity problems amongst Others...basically, the job I loved doing, I couldn't do with my normal perfection.  I was a School bursar/office manager. This April the children all took part in the 'crazy hats' day for Parkinson's awareness and I was sent photos of the day. You are doing an amazing job.



That seems like a good idea, after the summer break I will contact the school. I should have plenty time as I am retiring from my full time post, and will need to keep busy. confused

It's so hard to stay positive isn't it, when you remember this is a "degenerative" condition? And I am fearful that I soon won't be able to run, swim, cycle .. do all those things you want to do with your grandchildren. 

Luca is coming to stay with us for 3 weeks in the summer. He'll be 3 in September and doing more. He is, as you could see from the video, very "in tune" with me, as we talk on Skype every week. I see myself through his eyes and wonder what changes he will notice. 

He already says funny things like "Nice glasses, Nanny Dawn" or "Are you tired, Nanny Dawn?" They are so observant at that age, aren't they?

Roll on August :-) I hope his mum and dad will continue to trust me to be able to look after him. At least husband is still on board and equally besotted!