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Welcome to the new PDS forum. We hope you enjoy the improvements.

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Can the range of rooms/threads be expanded or sub-divided?
The success of any forum largely depends on the way it is used and the content of the posts.

As far as the new design is concerned it is clean and stylish and maintains the PDS house style. Well done.

The headings look suitable but, as with other forums I have used, I can envisage some overlapping of subjects and in the end one has to accept a certain amount of moderation

Thanks so much for all the hard work put in to this. The other forum gave me considerable support when I needed it and I am sure this new one will help others who come after me.

I like it sorry Robert .Lets hope that this new layout stops all the hijacking. At least all the touchy feely stuff will be easy to miss out from now on. Thanks for the spell checker a great addition.Well done.
Would it be possible to have an 'edit' facility?
I think this forum will become a friendly place.It doesnt scare me like the other one.Remember the old Roman maxim,"Look after your forum and your forum will look after you". I`m thinking maybe a wine making forum with a cellar and later on a still for bootleg vodka, we coul tap the illegal Polish labour market. Yes I seee it all.Hahhahahahahahhahh.
I would like to say that I find these long lists of past postings counter productive.Surely a brief summary of what has been said would be much more informative. Sorry but I cannot concentrate long enough to get through long lists of facts names and opinions. Its a forum for people affected by PD could we not try to make it a bit more user friendly
And what lists are you referring to mr bebob?

just because they are not beneficial to you, does that mean they shouldnt be there?
How about thinking of people that do need these references instead of your own personnel likings.

Iime and effort , never mind personnel experience went into those listings.

I must say I have found the threads very useful.When I look back a couple of months ago,I cant believe what I was like.It was thanks to these threads and some caring people that I have got my life back on track.Meds can really mess you up,think when you have been through it you understand why people are wanting to warn others.
Take Care Dot xxx
Jupiter when I make a comment I do not want a lecture in return.My point still stands Don't take everything so personally. No one is denying that the threads are helpful and informative but I repeat long lists of past postings are off putting to me.
I have only discovered this forum tonight but I think it will be great for me. I can get support from other people with Pd. I need some support but didn't feel I could face a group meeting yet.
Hi Jules, welcome to the forum - hope you will get as much benefit from it as I have over the last three months. Mary
I will say hello to everyone again,because my meet&greet note seems to have vanished, I can`t find it with a search, where am I going wrong? I may have some replies,I woudn`t like to huff anyone
Hi abuelo72,
Just a quick note re. missing post.
If you look on 'Page 2' - Meet and Greet - there is a post on there from you dated 19th - hope you find it o.k. (Also hope this is the one you are looking for).
Artistic Expression you won't find it here. What you will find is censoreship.............and Big Brother.
CENSORSHIP sorry about my spelling...
I won't read any e mails from the censor.I will read anything you have to say here for everyone to read..
Come now, Sretlaw.

where 'oh' where are you getting such impressions from?

1984 is what you are implying!

Oewellian society in the 21st century, surely not!!!

I think its a case of choosing the right words in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting yourself suspended or banned.

Your posting will never get the recognition for its content, only the tone of how its delivered.
Any sort of emotive outburst, even if it is entirely in context with the topic that is being debated, you will find the hot tub waiting.