Well it's official

After seeing the neuro six weeks ago and being told he suspected I had PD and being put on sinemet to try he theory out,I went back yesterday to the Royal Hallamshire to be told officially I had it.To my amazement I wasn't upset more received I think.
It has been a long and at times a painful journey this past two years,however I am determined not to let this at times intolerable problem beat me or get me down.......being told I had PD is not the end of the world,alright I am not as physically able as I was a year ago but with the support of my family and friends I'm not going to sit down and think stuff it.
A little about me,i'm 39 and until a year ago as strong as an ox,now I'm as weak as a kitten,not the ideal situation to be in as I work at an abattoir carrying carcasses.
I have been prescribed sinemet plus which has turned my life around, no more stiffness in the neck and shoulder,no more slurred speech and I can freely move my arm.I have been prescribed ropinirole I have read through various posts about this medication and am willing to try it,if it gives me a decent quality of life back!
Anyhoooo whinge over if you can call it that,look forward to hearing from you all

Welcome slippybathtub
What an excellent forum name. You must strike fear into the hearts of spiders everywhere.
I was diagnosed at age 39 too. That was 8 years ago and with the help of sinemet I an still able to make a nuisance of myself at work and with my kids and other places too. I am lucky in that my work involves sitting in warm offices talking and poking computers a bit.

You will find this forum well populated by people affected by parkinson's either directly or otherwise. Some of them with even sillier forum names than you and I. Between them they can answer pretty much anything you might want to ask about life with parkinson's.

I hope you find the forum as supportive as I have done.

Elegant Fowl

Hey Slippybathtub

You have a great attitude. I was diagnosed last year just before my 39th birthday. I have my on and off days. What helps is having a great support network. My 'other half' is really supportive and we've adapted our life quite a bit. We have a very energetic 5 year old daughter to keep up with. I'm managing to work my same office job on reduced hours.

My medication is still not right. Hopefully when that's sorted life will be close to normal. Here's to keeping positive!

Had my first visit with the Parkinsons nurse yesterday, don't think I've smiled so much in the past 18months,she explained everything to me in simple terms(just the way I like it).well I'm not the sharpest of people.
The thing about is I'm finding it hard at work and she has immediately referred me to the physio so all being well I'll be there before long.