Wet room installation.advice

Hi all

I am in the process of getting quotes for a wet room.partially funded by Council.
On my calculations I think we will still.have a couple of thousand to pay and I know there is no way that I would get a wet room for that kind of money.

I am sure lots of you must already have a wet room and I would welcome any advise . Or even just to tell me if you like yours and what’s it like.

I have to get 2 quotrs and hand them into the council

Thanks if you have read this .

Hoping I get some replied

I have a wet room and stairlift council had own contractors it was £11000 I had to put nearly a grand well worth it ! Don’t know where they got £11000 from tho I used to be a plumber and heating engineer if I had that contract I have a new body made .

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Where have all the other replies to this thread gone??

Hi All Sorry if I am late posting a reply, Wet rooms can be a problem ,I sugest you contact your local building inspector employed by the county council, They are over worked but an absolute mine of realy usefull info,{ They are not suppost to recomend who does a good job because of legal liability} But a cup of tea and" Please can you help me",useualy does the trick, Plumbers. the best belong to Institute of plumbing, they attend lectures one a month, probably be 40-50 years old, know there job inside out,and middle of the price range and as a bonus know more good tradesmen for other trades,Prices vary enormostly at the moment double the cheapest price is not uncommen ,But nobody wants tradesmen in there home in January, May and August ,Please do not play the game,moneys up front or cash only, please CHECK them out properly and get it in writing , I hope I have not worryed you,Happy showering, Fat finger pete

You should get referred from gp to occupation therapy where come round and if they think you need onethey will balls in motion you may have to put some money towards it but you can also get grant