Wet room

Hi - we have just had an OT assessment and they are suggesting applying to convert our bathroom to a wet room - I just wondered if anyone else had gone through this process ?  This is to help my husband. There is some money available from the local council and you can apply but it is means tested.  thank you

The DFG or Disability Facilities Grant is difficult to claim (quite rightly too) but I think the OT's can go overboard with their recommendations sometimes. We never went ahead with our wet room plans because of the costs that we would have had to pay. The wanted us pay £14000 out of the £32000 required by their estimators. We just wanted a shower room/wet room to be built in our garage at a cost of about £4000. They wanted to replace our existing en-suite with the new wet room and also build a floor lift from our living room up into the box room next to our bedroom! This would have entailed major building works in our home! We would have had to block up our existing door in to the garden because that was the area where they wanted to place the lift. They wanted to replace our existing double glazed window overlooking the garden with new double french doors plus all the doorways would have to be widened just in case I needed wheelchair access in the future. We would obviously lose our box room and a large chunk of our living room! They do seem to like spending the tax payers money!! I only wanted a convenient shower room for gawds sake!! Good luck with your claim.

Yeah im just going through it all again as i had to contribute £1400 never had money last year you get great of local council, my total bill was £7000 so i will see how much this year

Thank you for the posts.  We have had a call from our OT to say she feels it is also worth going for a stair lift. I was abit shocked as we dont  feel my husband is at that stage yet but she says this is planning for the future. Talk about seeing your life flash before your eyes!confused

Yep i just thinking the other day coming down the stairs this is not the way i was planning for my life s__t oh well better make the most of it .my ot says got to have half bi_fold shower doors so my wife ie career can assess me easy never mind there goes my power shower with massage jets lol .also the man came to measure up stairs he said do i want manual or electric seat to turn at top of stairs reminded me of walkers crisps advert were lucky enough to have a great NHS Trust really so let's all try and keep it.