Wet Rooms

Have any Parkinsons suffers any imformation about wet rooms? I have found 3 suppliers and had quotes, but I am looking for more with feedback on quality and price from people who have had work done. Thanks Alan

Hi ajtrelm

I have had a small wetroom for some time to help with arthritic problems. The room used to be a coke store, and was changed - underfloor heating and proper tiling and heating installed. tt has made a fantastic difference. I now have a shower chair and sit under the hot water, enjoying it. Sorry, I can’t help with prices etc. I contacted a local plumber rather than a specialist wetroom installer. He did exactly what I wanted and I love it.

hi if you go to your local council they will have a list of contractors that they use plus they can keep an eye on the job

I had mine done through local authorities you need to phone occupation therapist they will then come out have look at you needs and see how much you will have to put towards the adaptation. Do you still work