Well i contacted social care they helped me fill form in over phone & said someone from occupation therapy will give you a call ,to asses your needs they did phone & gave me a date of visit this took a few weeks.Today the lady came & said why did you wait so long (  male pride )  she also watched me go upstairs & said would i like another hand rail on opposite side this she said will be done next week WOW . And 3 to 6 months for wetroom as got to go through channels to get disability grant .So surprised how its  going so  smoothly  so what im saying is don't wait until you get really bad swallow so male or female pride.  

Good news, Gus!  It sounds like a great program that supplies almost anything you need.  And the person assigned to visit you is attentive -- very important factor!


thank you

Who did you contact to get a wet room?

Even though I can bathe myself, I am very careful about getting out of the bath because I know there is the potential for breaking my neck.



Hi Martini

You should look for an Occupational Therapist for this. You GP can help but we also have an information sheet about this. Let me know if you would like it and I can send a link. 



Thank you.

However, I mentioned the idea of a wet room grant to my wife and she said no.  If I have a problem, I can use the shower downstairs.

I have baths because I think shower trays are bloody dangerous!


Even if you don't qualify for a grant, everyone is entitled to refund of the 17 and a half % VAT on any

disability improvement .  I've heard  lot of people do not know this and  lot of builders don't seem to know either.

hi ,like ezinda said you go to or phone your gp to contact occupational therapist then they will phone you to make appt , i had to wait 8 weeks then they have a long chat with you ask what you need ie wet room,handrails,bed lever ,then they will tell you if you qualify for wet room  ,chair lift . then it has to go through finance they need to ask questions about your savings,then they decide if yes local council will give you grant and get to quotes builders i think they are approved by them ,then thats it can take up to 6-9 months. BUT IF YOU NEED HANDRAILS SO ON THIS WILL GO THROUGH OT  THEY WILL DO ANY WORK  OR SUPPLY DISABILITY AIDS VERY QUICK !  

Hi Eileenpatricia,

Is that right what you say about being able to claim back half the VAT on disability improvements? In the very early stages of my Parkinsons I had problems climbing out of the bath, so had a walk-in shower fitted, which has been a god send, that was back in 2012, any idea if I would still be able to claim?

Thanks Sheffy

I really dont know wether a walk in shower would qualify , is it a shower tray where you have to lift feet up to get in & sliding doors if so i would think they would class that as a shower room ! Also with a wet room or bathroom made entirely for someone with disability you can get a deduction on council tax as well !


Hi Gus, I see your point but you have to lift your feet/leg a lot higher when you get in a bath, so for ease you just step into the shower tray and there is room for two (no comment!) for help when needed, I still have a handle to hold on to, and a seat, so there is an argument to be had.


Regards Sheffy

Hi Sheffin,


I had a go at tracking down the info. on VAT relief  for disability  building work but I couldn't find anything very user friendly.  I have a feeling that it has to be declared before the work starts but I'll ask the people who did my extension for me as they   project manage  work for the council as well as privately and see if they can enlighten me.  The project manager seemed very pleased with himself that he had got me back  VAT on the wet room part of my extension so the VAT relief is  perhaps not much used  - at least by the general self-funding  public

never know if you dont ask ! sheffy


It's ok Eileenpatricia, I probably won't take it any further now, but wished i'd known about it before hand as you say not many people do know. Hope your extensions going well! 


Gus - yep you don't know if you don't ask about these things - sods law if you miss out!

Regards Sheffy


Never know might give you reduction of council tax worth asking !