What a birthday!

Nothing to do with my Parkinson's, but today is my birthday and boy, will it go down in history!!!  Who knows what our future holds now?

Happy Birthday Twinkletoes! wink

The future is what WE make of it, not some faceless bureaucrat in his Ivory Tower in Brussels issuing edicts and laws that have no relevance to British people whatsoever! If we make mistakes along the way......they'll be our mistakes! Democracy rules the waves! big grin

HEAR HEAR Poker and Happy Birthday Twinks xx

Happy birthday lassie hope you have a lovely time 

Ian xx


Hope you had a happy birthday besides Twinks.

Really enjoyed mine on the 24th June (not) was ill with a throat infection, on antibiotics which made me feel sick, then that spoilt our wedding anniversary the next day 25th June. Think I will remember this one for time eternity, never felt so ill. Still we've had some good uns'

Sheila - nearly back to normal (if there ever is!)

Thanks for the birthday wishes all. Hey Sheila, you're only the third person I know who was a Midsummer night's dream, like me!!! Sorry to hear you were poorly though......hope the antibiotics have kicked in now and not still making you sick. I had chronic back pain when my OH took me out for a birthday meal, so was a bit of a misery I'm afraid. 

Happy wedding anniversary for yesterday Sheila. How many years is it? Mine's on 24th.August.......42yrs. with the same man.....like a lifetime! Prisioners get off lighter than that!! Lol.



Hi Twinks - yes i do skip the 'light fandango' many a night, but got in trouble with PD nurse said it's the worst thing to do! The light of the screen makes you more alert, you can imagine what I said.  I enjoy visiting the forum no matter when it is, so that went in one ear and out the other!

Just a bit ahead of you at 44 years with the same man, and quite agree it is like a lifetime, love him to bits, but can you tell me as they get older would you say they get a bit cantankerous, or am I being sexist.........I shall depart now I have put the cat among the pigeons!

Sheffy x 


Twinks - just read that post again and guess what my birthday was 23rd June, then our anniversary was 24th June day as yours, must have been a good year.  Think that medication has sent me do lally, Don't worry I'm harmless!!