What a busy year

Hi all, wow, so much has happened in the last year, I honestly don't know if I'm coming or going. I lost my driving licence for 4 months, I have it back now, but what an absolute nightmare those 4 months were, I fell out with close friends due to depression, I missed a good friend get married, I kept myself to myself because I couldn't muster the energy to socialise, I went to work, came home and just wanted to cry. Bad 4 months. I had to put on a brave face when my partner's brother and girlfriend had a baby boy, not long after I lost my baby boy, he'll be 1 this Saturday, my boy would have been 1 last September :( but people 'forget'!! Well I didn't and I never will! I lost my job and had to find another one, which I did, I've been there 10 months now and really enjoy it, I've just had an interview for a senior position, but I won't know until a couple of weeks. My sister has been walking around NZ since January to raise awareness of PD.... I'm so proud of her, she's currently reached 1100km and has raised around $250 And of course, amongst everything else, I've still been coping/struggling with my PD. I have an initial assessment on April 26 to see if I'm suitable for the DBS , hopefully I'm a suitable candidate and the op will give me better quality of life. My meds aren't as affective as they were and wear off a lot more frequently now, which really sucks!!! On a plus note , I finally got to meet BettyBlue, which was wonderful, although I'm still yet to attend a support group ( even after 10 years DX) I intend to soon. Anyway, I've probably bored you all to tears now so I'm going to finish up. Tracey xxx

Hi Blondie, 

It sounds like you've had an incredibly tough time these last 12 months, I'm so sorry to hear about your son. If you ever need to talk to us please do contact the helpline, we're here for you.

I'm so happy to hear that you met up with Betty and that you're hoping to attend some support groups. I think that's a great idea. 

Great news about the job too, I hope you get the promotion! 


Thanks Kat, that means a lot xx It has been an extremely tough year, unfortunately. Fingers crossed for my promotion, I'll be sure to let you know. Xx