What are you up to?

Hi everyone,
It's all gone very quiet in the last couple of weeks and I do miss reading your posts. What is everyone up to? Any new projects on the go or finished work you would like to share with us? We've heard a lot about what people like doing but apart from some poetry from Xerses and the link supplied by Edgydonkey to his photographs, I don't think we've had any other examples or comments about what people are producing. I know there is a lot of interest out there and there are aspirations to put on a creative themed event next year to showcase your fabulous work - so lets hear about what you are doing. One of the aims of this forum is to be a safe place to share work, bounce around ideas and ask for feedback, so please do use it, you are surrounded by like-minded friends!
Just to draw people's attention to yesterday's post from Edgydonkey showing some of their competition winning photographs - photographers, budding photographers and those who love a treat for the eyes, do check out Edgydonkey's 15th Nov post under the 'Photography' thread. Alternatively, for a quick link to the winning photos go to: http://www.lake-district-guides.co.uk/general/lakesphotocompetition2009.html
hi Alex/everyone

i suspect that at least some of us are , for preference, out there doing rather than writing about doing?
My own area of interest is in the visual and maybe we need to give some thought as to how this could be communicated through a forum? not all of us are computer savvy and a tutorial on how to pass on your stuff eg zip files, websites etc might help (if i sound as if i know what i'm talking about here it's misleading)

how will musicians share?

don't mean to sound negative but it can be difficult to sustain interest in the abstract. Am interested in solving this.

Hi maker,
My name is Ezinda and I'm one of the forum community team.

Thanks for your question.

Of course, when we set up the Northeast creative corner, we did realise that a forum is fundamentally a space for written communication. There are limitations, of course. But that just means we have to get more creative!

Visual artists including photographers have shared their work here. I’m familiar with a few tools for doing this including http://www.flickr.com where you can upload your pictures then post a link here for others to share it.

I also know that others on this site, including edgydonkey, have used different tools to share. Could anyone recommend another site to maker?

As for musicians, hmm. That one might be a bit more complicated. I'm not a musician myself but if someone would like to share their own music, they could try something like Youtube http://www.youtube.com or Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com. On both, they would be able to upload their creative output to a site and then post a link here to share.

I hope it helps!