What are your top tips for managing anxiety?

What are your top tips for managing anxiety?

We’re currently working on an article for the summer issue of the Parkinson magazine all about the best ways to manage anxiety.

We’d love to hear your top tips for coping with anxiety. For example, do you find that exercise helps? Or perhaps practising mindfulness? Please feel free to share whatever works for you on this thread! :slightly_smiling_face:

One of the best ways of dealing with anxiety is singing! Sing around the house, sing in the shower - but best of all, join a choir. I lead a community choir and we have weekly rehearsals of 2 hours. I often feel the last thing I want to do is go to the choir, but without exception, I will feel loads better by the end of the evening. Research has proved that choral singing benefits you in so many ways - helps breathing raise endorphins and adrenaline both of which lift your spirits, but mostly it is being part of a group and socialising on a regular basis.

When I feel a bit up tight, I usually resort to one of two solutions.I very often go for a short walk, just to feel the fresh air and escape the four walls. It need not be far. Ten minutes even can make me feel better. Nor does it matter if you live in country or town.There is always something to see that you haven’t noticed before. Then you return home in a more refreshed frame of mind.
The other thing that helps me when everything feels too much is writing, either writing down what is bothering me at that point of time, or writing something like a poem, that may or may not be concerned with my problem of the moment. It just gets things out of your system, or at least sees you over a crisis moment.
Anyway, both are free and require no planning. Worth a try I think.

Getting out of the house is one of my ways to help release stress, even though it can be the last thing I feel like doing at times. I find that by going amongst people, eg a supermarket , makes me have to act normally and speak to others. I dont need to buy anything, but being in s normal situation just grounds me and can help me put things into pròportion.

I know my answer is not possible for some people less fortunate than I am but.
When I am stressed and uptight, I have a cup of tea and talk it over with my wife.
Even if she is sometimes the problem.